V-Grooves are sophisticated, they add style without overwhelming or taking away from the beauty of their surroundings. V-Grooves can be a border for your wall hanging mirror or the main attraction of your glass door or cabinets.

Choose your glass pattern, then submit your drawing or pattern - or pick from one of ours. It is that simple! Leave the rest up to GLASSource to custom make your work of art.

V-Groove Ordering Information and Limitations:

  • Beveled edges will cut off v-grooves and grooves ending on glass will end in points.
  • Make sure hole locations do not interfere with groove locations.
  • Our maximum size part that can be grooved is 72" X 76".
  • Minimum thickness 3/16".
  • Drawings/patterns are subject to our artistic ability to duplicate and must be accepted as such.
  • Patterns change shape and proportionate to glass size, may "look" different on small parts versus large parts.
  • Due to glass thickness v-groove width may vary 3/32".
  • V-grooves are not guaranteed to match existing pieces. If an exact match is critical, all pieces must be redone.