GLASSGUARD™ is a permanent protective bonding agent that becomes part of the glass surface itself. This two step process is factory applied using a state of the art environmentally controlled vapor fusion chamber. Step one uses Nano-technology to permanently change the glass surface. It is not a sealant. GLASSGUARD™ cannot be washed away!

Step two makes it even better by capping step one with an additional surface that is hydrophobic, and can be revitalized for the life of the door. Water repells from the surface! Much like a non-stick pan in the kitchen, hard water minerals, dirt and other contaminates cannot permanently stick or cause damage to shower doors. Glass is easily cleaned by merely rinsing with water and the occasional use of a nylon puff. No need for harsh chemicals or abrasives!

These GLASSGUARD™ products and simple procedures were designed to help you enjoy many years of easily maintained shower enclosures. For more information or refills contact your local GLASSGUARD™ dealer.

Care & Maintenance

GLASSGUARD™ is a true break through in shower glass protection. Much like a non-stick coating on a pot or pan, GLASSGUARD™ dramatically reduces the time and effort required to clean shower glass. While shower glass will still need to be cleaned from time to time, GLASSGUARD™ makes the cleaning job easier!

To maintain GLASSGUARD™ treated shower glass simply spray cool water along the top edge of the glass with a shower head or pour water with a cup. Most soapy residue will run right off. Periodic rubbing with a nylon mesh puff will easily remove any buildup that has occurred. If desired, dry glass with a microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloth is preferred to a squeegee as it leaves no streaks; just a clean, spotless shine.

Without periodic cleaning water spots will eventually appear and hard water conditions may build up requiring more frequent cleaning; however, these spots are easily removed with cool water and a nylon mesh puff. Occasional application of GLASSGUARD™ Revitalizer restores the full hydrophobic action to GLASSGUARD™ treated surfaces; plus, has the added benefit of protecting metal, vinyl, and plastic portions of the shower enclosure. Even if the surface has been neglected and significantly stained the glass is still protected! Stubborn build up can be removed using our Ultimate Hard water Stain Remover, a glass safeŁ scrubber pad, and GLASSGUARD™ Revitalizer; thus, restoring the glass to its original easy to maintain condition. Follow labels as instructed, keeping in mind a very small amount goes a long way!


  • x1 Nylon Cleaning Puff
  • x1 White Scrubber Pad
  • x1 Microfiber Towel
  • x5 Revitalizer NanoPax®
  • x1 Restoration Powder NanoPax®


  • x1 Bottle of Revitalizer (16 oz.)
  • x3 Restoration Powder NanoPax®
  • x1 Nylon Cleaning Puff
  • x1 White Scrubber Pad
  • x1 Microfiber Towel